Wisdom from Asha
Ongoing inspiration for the spiritual life

Asha has given us an abundance of thoughtful, profoundly inspiring, and often humerous talks based on the spiritual teachings of Swami Kriyananda and Paramhansa Yogananda. Many are study courses on the books by these great teachers.


Asha teaching in Ananda Palo Alto Temple


wheel YouTube channel: Sunday sermons and classes

Asha gives Sunday talks nearly every week, and they are posted to her YouTube channel soon thereafter. You can visit there anytime to browse or search the large collection of topics. You can also subscribe (once on the YouTube channel, you'll see a "Subscribe" button just above the featured video) and receive an email update whenever a new talk is posted. Many of her classes are posted freely in other locations, as well, often based on books by Yogananda or Kriyananda, and touching on every aspect of life.

wheel Webinars - How to Deepen Your Spiritual Life

FRIDAYS: Live webinars two Fridays evenings each month when Asha is not on the road lecturing.
(6 pm PST)

wheel Letters from Asha

Browse through a remarkable collection of letters offering wisdom and practical advice. You can also subscribe and receive new letters by email (usually once or twice a month, on average).

wheel Articles by Asha

Read gems from Asha's talks and classes, transcribed and edited. They are posted regularly, and you may wish to subscribe to receive them directly.


“Asha, I just listened to your sermon of yesterday, and I want you to know that you are transforming my life utterly and completely.”
—Vikram, Portland, OR


“Nayaswami Asha's online talks are very uplifting — so down-to-earth and real. They are helping my inner spirit to expand and grow. They give me inspiration to continue in my baby steps to meditate and learn unconditional love of others.”
—Sandy E.

“I have listened to Swami Asha's classes which are available on your web site for a year and a half. They have changed my life in tremendous ways. English isn't my native language so I need to repeat each lesson several times. But it is always a pleasure as Swami Asha has an amazing way of speaking. Sometimes I listen to her just to lift my mood. She is so energetic and speaks about complex things with a smile. I adore her with full respect.”
—Anna, Poland